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Our system is used by suppliers of workwear and personal protective equipment, customers with their own work clothing and the wearers who order their work clothing. Ecmanage has a large number of standard modules that you can always use when purchasing Ecmanage. We also offer further expansions for customers who want to design their customer environments even more specifically.

Standard modules

Ecmanage is a platform with extensive possibilities. The standard version of Ecmanage offers:

  • Order with a personal budget
  • Environments adapted to house style
  • Clothing sets
  • Own department hierarchy for customers
  • Validation during the ordering process
  • Work with different sizes
  • Work with returnsn
  • Dress codes
  • Reports
  • Portal checklist
  • Pay with different payment methods

Additional modules

In addition to the standard modules, it is also possible to purchase additional modules:

  • Own appearance for each customer
  • Complaints module
  • Stock module
  • Address validation
  • Webshop module
  • Integrations with ERP-systems
  • Single Sign On
  • Projects module
  • Business hours module
  • OCI integration
  • Self-registration module